Conservation Programs and Rebates

FREE Sprinkler Timer and Nozzle Retrofit Program

Landscape irrigation controllers available today are much smarter than they used to be. Not only are they more dependable but they will automatically shut off before it rains! San Gabriel Valley Water Company is offering a FREE weather-based irrigation controller to any qualifying customer. If you have a working irrigation system with an existing controller and at least 20 sprinkler nozzles (brass sprinkler heads do not qualify) you are eligible. This is a first come first serve program with limited participation so act fast. The systems will be installed by trained professionals with three contractors available to choose from:

Create Your Garden Program

Replace your thirsty lawn with a drought-tolerant garden! This is an assisted do-it-yourself program. Qualified residential customers are eligible to receive, at no cost, custom plans from a professional landscaper, supplies to help remove your current turf, and free plants and mulch to create your water-friendly landscape. You’ll also receive training on proper installation and garden maintenance so you can keep your new garden healthy. Call today to find out more!

High Efficiency Toilet Distribution (“HET”) Program

Replace old higher volume water using toilets with new High Efficiency Toilets. The new HETs will be shipped directly to your home. A maximum of two HETs is allowed per household. Existing toilets must be manufactured before 1995 or have a flush rating of greater than 1.6 gallons per flush to qualify.

Commercial Industrial & Institutional Retrofit

Eligible Commercial, Industrial & Institutional customers can have their inefficient indoor and outdoor water using devices such as toilets, smart irrigation controller, and nozzles retrofitted. Please contact Lamk International to schedule a site evaluation!

Rebates on eligible water using devices

If you are thinking about replacing some of your inefficient water using devices, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California offers rebates on certain devices. Check the list of eligible devices such as washing machines, rain barrels, soil moisture sensor systems, and more at before you buy to determine if the device you are interested in qualifies. They have programs available for both homeowners and businesses.

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