San Gabriel Valley Water Company Notice of Emergency Disaster Relief Program

When a State of Emergency (other than drought) is declared by the California Governor’s Office or the President of the United States, San Gabriel will provide the following protections to all residents and small businesses owners (including non-customers) who are impacted by a loss or disruption of water supply or a degradation of the quality of water service, or whose structure has become uninhabitable, regardless of whether the declared emergency is directly related to water (e.g., widespread fire storms):

  • Suspend deposit and waive reconnection fees for residents seeking to re-establish service for up to one year for affected customers
  • Expedite responses to turn-on and turn-off service requests
  • Create payment plan options
  • Provide support for low-income customers
  • Waive bills for victims who lost their homes or their homes are uninhabitable
  • Provide a pro rata waiver of any fixed element of a water bill for the time the home is uninhabitable, even if the reason for its being uninhabitable is not the loss of water
  • Work with affected customers to resolve unpaid bills and minimize disconnections for non-payment
  • Provide tenants who are not named on the account and wish to relocate within the service area the same protections by allowing them to self-identify by stating their residence was in a disaster area, and allow them to re-establish water service
  • Collaborate with the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection by sharing information that aids these entities in carrying out their mission
  • Conduct outreach and awareness of these protections annually through community outreach, webpages, and media advisories

For additional information, please visit our website at If you have questions or would like to speak to a San Gabriel Valley Water Company representative, please contact us at our El Monte Office (626)448-6183, Whitter Office (562)699-1041, or Industry Office (626)330-1628.

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