Emergency Messaging

ALERT: Unauthorized Online Bill Payment Services

An unaffiliated bill payment service known as Doxo Inc. is targeting San Gabriel Valley Water Company Customers who found this unauthorized payment service while searching for the Water Company’s on-line bill payment service. Doxo is not affiliated with and is not authorized by San Gabriel Valley Water Company to accept payments. Some customers have been misled because Doxo, without permission from San Gabriel Valley Water Company, used the company’s logo on its web page. We have also received reports of payments never arriving or being delayed and due dates being missed when paying through Doxo.

Please see Pay My Bill to pay your bill on-line or by phone.

Be alert for persons posing as water company employees to gain entrance to your home. Water company employees carry color photo id cards which they will show you upon request. To confirm the identity of an employee, please call 1-626-448-6183.

San Gabriel Valley Water Company will not call customers to request bank account information. Customers are only asked for bank account information when they contact San Gabriel Valley Water Company and request setting up AutoPay service. Please do not give personal information to any unknown caller.

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