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California Alternative Rates For Water (CARW)

Low-Income Water Rate Information

The California Alternative Rates for Water (CARW) Program offers low-income-qualified customers a discount on their water bill. If your household qualifies for a discount on your energy bill under the electric or gas CARE program you may also qualify for a discount on your water bill. To apply for the CARW Program at your residence, please fill out and submit this application by hand-delivering, mailing, or emailing a scanned copy to the water company. The company must first verify and approve your completed and signed application. If approved, you will begin receiving the discount on your next bill. If your application and proof of eligibility is not approved, you will receive a letter from the water company explaining the reason for the denial. If you need help filling out the application, or would like more information about the program, visit or call your Customer Service Office.

CARW Application Forms

English (PDF 43 KB)  |  Spanish (PDF 61 KB)

Income requirements

(From June 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024)

Number of Persons

Living in my Home

Total Combined Income

From ALL Sources

1-2 $39,440
3 $49,720
4 $60,000
5 $70,280
6 $80,560
7 $90,840
8 $101,120
For each additional person, add $10,280

What are the qualifications?

  • Residential customers who receive water service through a 1″ or smaller water meter.
  • The water utility bill is in applicant’s name.
  • Applicant must provide verification of household income if requested. A utility bill showing that the applicant is participating in either a natural gas or electric utility discount program is acceptable verification.
  • Applicant may not be claimed as a dependent on another person’s tax return.
  • Applicant or someone in the household participates in a qualifying Public Assistance Program or total annual income cannot exceed the amount shown on the above chart. Total income means the total combined gross household income of all persons living in my home.
  • Applicant must re-apply each time they move.
  • Applicant must renew their application every two years, or sooner, if requested.
  • Applicant must notify the utility within 30 days after becoming ineligible the CARW program.

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