Shut Off For Repair

Water Leaks and Emergencies

Call the after-hours and weekend emergency number at 1-626-448-4029 to report water emergencies such as water main breaks, service leaks, valve leaks, hydrant damage, pressure problems, etc. Our Central Control Operator on Duty will initiate a work order to investigate the problem and dispatch work crews if warranted. Non-emergency work will be performed during normal working hours.

Customer Water Supply Gate Valve

Every customer’s home or building has a water supply gate valve in order to stop the flow of water during repairs and emergencies. Before an emergency occurs, find this valve and learn how to use it. This will make it much easier to shut off the water during an emergency. Everyone in your family should know where the water supply gate valve is located in order to protect against water leaks and possible flooding.

The most likely locations for your gate valve are:

Where the water supply pipe from the meter box enters your home (typically just below the hose bib (where you attach the garden hose) at the front of the house), or

Inside your Meter Box, located near the front of your home. If your gate valve is inside the Meter Box, it would be on the side of the meter closest to your house. The Angle Stop or Meter Valve located on the side of the meter nearest the street are property of the water company and should not be used by you to turn off the water.

If you are unable to locate your gate valve you may call your Customer Service office during normal working hours and request a free/no charge turn off for repairs.

Gate Valve

Hose Bib

Angle Stop SGVWC

Meter Valve SGVWC

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