Water Audits

Home Water Audits

Home water conservation will continue to be an important part of creating a sustainable water supply for the future of the San Gabriel Valley. To help our customers participate in this important project, we will inspect your home’s older water using devices and make recommendations for replacing them with new, smart appliances. Newer dishwashers and washing machines certified by the US Environmental Protection Agencies Water Sense program can be up to 30 percent more water efficient.

In addition, we will look for leaks. About 10% of the water that flows into homes is wasted by leaking faucets, hoses, and toilets. Most leaks can be easily fixed; we will inspect your fixtures during our water audit. Look for taps and hoses that drip, and inspect your toilet by listening how long it takes your toilet to refill—if you have to “jiggle” the handle or it periodically refills when it hasn’t been used, you probably have a leak.

We will check the flow rate (how much water pours out during a given amount of time), on your faucets and showerheads. This has a huge impact on your home water use.

Landscaping is one of the largest water users, and water wasters, at most homes. We will provide a complete evaluation of your outdoor irrigation system; sprinklers, irrigation control box, etc., and make recommendations on how to improve overall efficiency.

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