Water Sources

Potable Water

San Gabriel Valley Water Company has a diverse mix of water supplies that provide a reliable and high quality source of drinking water for its customers. The company utilizes locally-produced groundwater from 31 wells located in the Main San Gabriel Groundwater Basin and from 4 wells located in the Central Groundwater Basin. The company also has the ability to deliver imported water through a connection with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, as well as emergency interconnections with several surrounding water agencies to ensure the reliability of its water supply.

Recycled Water

Water Recycling is an important locally available water supply for the San Gabriel Valley Water Company. Often considered, any water demand met by recycled water reduces the demand for high quality drinking water. Recycled water is a reliable water supply and is unaffected by regional water supply shortages and local drought conditions. It also reduces the need for expensive imported water and helps the company achieve long term water efficiency goals.

Water recycling is defined as the treatment and disinfection of municipal wastewater that produces water supply suitable for non-potable reuse. Non-potable reuse is the term applied to recycled water used for non-drinking purposes. Examples of recycled water use include irrigation of parks, golf courses, highway medians, school grounds and athletic fields, filling of lakes and ponds and other industrial uses.

A number of agencies in the San Gabriel Valley and surrounding communities continue to implement and expand their recycled water projects. Recycled water from the County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County San Jose Creek and Whittier Narrows Reclamation Plants is provided to customers along three separate recycled water pipelines that are completely separate from the potable water pipelines. By end of 2010, over 8 million gallons of recycled water will be used annually to irrigate large landscape areas, thereby conserving potable drinking water.

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