Water Treatment

San Gabriel Valley Water Company uses “Best Available Treatment Technologies” as the standard when designing and building water treatment systems used to treat chemicals of concern from drinking water before it is delivered to the end user.

San Gabriel is staffed with highly qualified and state certified treatment and distribution operators that operate and maintain the various treatment facilities which utilizes an array of treatment technologies to remove and reduce volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, inorganics and disinfection by-products. San Gabriel operates the following treatment facilities:

  • Six Air Stripper treatment systems and three Liquid Phase Granular Activated Carbon treatment systems to remove volatile organic compounds
  • Two Ion-Exchange treatment systems to remove perchlorate salts
  • Two Advanced Oxidization Process with Ultra Violet Light treatment systems to remove 1,4-Dioxane and N-Nitrosodimethylamine
  • One Regenerable Ion Exchange System for Nitrate Removal

San Gabriel also provides disinfection by chlorination with sodium hypochlorite to remove any potential viruses and bacteria.

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